Canada is possibly the most open and welcoming country to immigrants in the world. Immigration is at the heart of Canada’s strategy for long-term economic growth, as seen in the ambitious Immigration Levels Plan set by the Canadian government to welcome over 1,000,000 permanent residents from 2021 to 2023.

There are various federal and provincial permanent resident programs with unique eligibility requirements and application processes.

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The various programs include:



This program manages the applications for three economic immigration streams:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class



Most provinces and territories in Canada can nominate immigrants of their choice through the provincial nominee program based on the unique requirements set by those jurisdictions. If you qualify for a PNP, you will be awarded an additional 600 points, which would almost certainly give you an invitation to apply, provided you are not inadmissible to Canada. Some PNPs are linked to the express entry system, and others are not. Book a consultation with us today to find out more.



Do you have a close family member (i.e., spouse or common-law or conjugal partner, child, grandparents, parents, siblings, grandchildren) who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen? Your family member may be able to sponsor you to Canada as a permanent resident provided you both meet certain eligibility requirements.

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